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TheFind Gives Shoppers a Glimpse of What’s Hot

Facebook app helps users discover trending products.

Product search engine TheFind has introduced a Facebook app that gives buyers and sellers a snapshot of what fashion items are popular at the moment.

Glimpse, described as a socially curated shopping experience, draws from product feeds merchants submit to to display the most popular fashions and the number of likes each one has received.

By clicking on any product image, viewers can see more information about the item, and like, share or save it to their own “catalog.” Users can also explore by searching for stores or brand names, or by following “trendsetters” to see what they like.

According to TheFind, the app can be useful to shoppers who want to see what their friends and fashion leaders are into as well as to sellers who want to get a jump on emerging trends to stock their stores.

Merchants can use Glimpse to promote their stores by ensuring their product pages include appropriately tagged Facebook like buttons and social plugins, and submitting product feeds through TheFind’s merchant center.

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