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PayPal Site Gets a Facelift

New design begins rollout in U.S., will eventually go global.

Buyers and sellers in the U.S. who visit this week may notice the site looks a little different.

Vikas Bhatia, PayPal’s senior director of Online Marketing, announced the site’s redesign on the PayPal Blog. He notes that some visitors in the U.S. began seeing the new design on Wednesday. Within a couple of weeks, everyone in the U.S. will see the new, sleeker look. Eventually, the design will roll out to users around the world.

Giving customers easy access to the tasks they want to do was the focus of the redesign, Bhatia writes. The new site has just three tabs—buy, sell and transfer—to make navigation easier.

“At PayPal, we believe the best technology is the kind that helps customers achieve their goals without getting in the way,” Bhatia writes. “…Our old site focused more on products and less on the way that our customers wanted to use our products. As part of this renewed focus on the consumer, we are making the login process as easy and as intuitive as possible, and have reworked the overall navigation of the site to ensure users can get to what they want quickly.”

Bhatia notes that when officials reviewed old PayPal Web pages, they found “literally thousands of pages” that were no longer useful to customers. The new, simplified site is more focused and helpful.

View PayPal’s new design.

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