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PickPerfect Debuts for Purchasing Decisions

E-commerce-enabled visual bookmarking tool benefits buyers, sellers.

A new website recently launched to help people become more efficient in their purchasing decisions., created by leading e-commerce software developer Auctiva, allows users to quickly build collections of products they find online for easy comparison shopping, and to easily get feedback or recommendations from others.

Shoppers who want a new place to discover products, or who like to do a lot of research before making a purchase, will find the site very useful. Sellers who want to drive traffic to their listings, test new products or get inspiration for new inventory may also find it useful, says Robert Green, PickPerfect’s product manager.

To use PickPerfect, users install a special tool, called a Bookmarklet, in their browser toolbar. When they find a product they like anywhere online, they can click the Bookmarklet, enter product details and add the item to one of their PickPerfect collections, or start a new collection on the fly.

A fun, versatile tool

“Collections can be viewed by visitors to, shared on Facebook and Twitter through the site, and even copied into other members’ collections”

“We originally designed the site as a purchase-decision research tool—which doesn’t sound nearly as fun as it really can be,” Green says. “But there are a number of other ways in which the site is equally helpful. Because collections are public by default, it’s a great place to find interesting products others have discovered. And because it can be both collaborative and social, PickPerfect is a great way to share and receive feedback about products with friends, family, or even strangers with similar tastes.”

Megan Bielich, an Auctiva designer, helped build PickPerfect. She uses the site to keep track of products she’s thinking of buying online.

“I think we’ve created a tool that is helpful in so many ways, and fun to use at the same time,” she says.

For sellers, the site can help them market their products, Green notes. By creating a virtual scrapbook of products, sellers tap into an aspect of social commerce that helps drive traffic to their shops.

“Sellers can create a collection of their own products, and even add other popular products to show how they coordinate or work together,” he explains. “These collections can be viewed by visitors to, shared on Facebook and Twitter through the site, and possibly even copied into other members’ collections to increase their exposure.”

Built for social e-commerce

PickPerfect is similar to Pinterest but more tailored for e-commerce and purchasing decisions than its popular predecessor. Users create collections and populate them with visual bookmarks of related products, to which they can add notes, product descriptions, price and other details.

Through the optional Help Me Decide feature, collection owners can solicit feedback on items in the collection. Others in the PickPerfect community can also suggest related items they think might be of interest.

Users can also discover new items and share ideas, creating a hand-selected experience for shoppers.
“It’s a nice place for shoppers to aggregate all their choices, add notes and potentially even get feedback to help them decide on a purchase”

“It’s fun to see what others put in their collections, and find out their thoughts on what I put in mine,” Bielich says.

PickPerfect also allows users to keep their collections private, if they like. This can be particularly useful when using PickPerfect to decide on gifts for friends and family.

Share, compare, collaborate

Another feature that’s important to Green is that building collections can be collaborative. He says he and his wife had trouble making purchasing decisions together when they were out researching items on their own for purchases they both cared a lot about. He liked the idea of a central location where two people could upload ideas, make notes, view all their options, share feedback and ultimately decide together.

“Shoppers can use this tool to research and compare their options in one place, whether on their own or in collaboration,” he says. “It’s a nice place to aggregate all their choices, add comments and—if they like—get feedback from those whose opinions they respect, or from the community at large, to help them decide on a purchase.

“That’s how my wife and I will use PickPerfect,” Green adds, “but I can’t wait to see how others use it.”

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