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No Clear Winner in Amazon vs. eBay

Survey finds each marketplace tops the other in some categories.

In the never-ending battle of what marketplace reigns supreme, Amazon beats eBay in some respects, while the auction site comes out on top in others.

That’s according to a recent survey by Vendio, a listing service provider that allows sellers to list products on both marketplaces. The survey, which polled 750 small to mid-size sellers, found that 80 percent of merchants who list on Amazon are satisfied with Amazon, overall. Only 76 percent of eBay sellers say the same thing.

However, 93 percent of respondents who sell on eBay report that the listing process is “very easy,” “somewhat easy” or “easy.” About 80 percent of Amazon sellers say the same about that site.

Mike Effle, Vendio’s CEO, says it’s good to see sellers having good experiences on both sites.

“It is important that sellers feel the two major online marketplaces are an effective use of their time,” he adds.

And though it may be hard to find a winner based on the survey’s findings, one thing’s for sure: Online sellers on both marketplaces are hopeful about the future. In fact, Vendio reports that 84 percent of those polled say they are optimistic about the growth of their business.

Among shoppers looking to expand their sales, 11 percent say they’ll do this with a brick-and-mortar store. Thirty-three percent say they’ll open their own online store, according to the survey.

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    Only 750? They’re both just buyer’s websites and small sellers are just peons to them.

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