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eBay Opens Exclusive Wholesale Deals Site

Site is only accessible to top sellers with invites.

eBay has introduced a shiny, new wholesale site meant for top sellers that is accessible by invitation only.

eBay Wholesale Deals offers wholesale merchandise in a variety of categories, including Electronics, Home & Garden and Fashion, according to this forum thread, where a seller posts the invite he received from eBay that announces the site.

eBay notes that items offered on the deals site have been screened and pre-approved to ensure they are competitively priced and of good quality, and that the site is only accessible with invitation codes eBay has sent Top-rated Sellers.

It is unclear how many sellers were invited to use the site, how many are accessing it and when the site debuted.

Todd Witkemper, the public relations manager for eBay Electronics and eBay Motors, called the wholesale deals site a “pilot program” that is available to a small number of eBay sellers.

“The wholesale format provides participating eBay sellers with a new platform to procure high-quality inventory”

“It is a fixed-price, managed platform developed to connect eBay sellers with large wholesalers,” he says. “The wholesale format provides large retailers with an additional channel to sell their inventory, and provides the participating eBay sellers with a new platform to procure high-quality inventory.”

Rebecca Miller, a veteran eBay seller, says she heard about the new site last week.

“It’s supposed to be like eBay’s old Reseller Marketplace that I had checked out a few years ago,” she says. That site, which was also a meant to be a sourcing venue for eBay merchants, was a disappointment, she notes.

“The ‘deals’ on the site weren’t very good,” she explains.

Miller adds that when eBay is promoting its own wholesale site from which to buy items and resell them, it can be hard to make a profit since other eBay sellers are buying the same products.

Wolfblizer99 seems to agree, asking in the eBay thread, “Why shop where everyone else is getting their merchandise? I didn’t see anything I wanted that I couldn’t get cheaper elsewhere.”

The eBay Wholesale Deals page provides little information for sellers who have not been invited to the site. However, it does welcome wholesalers who are interested in offering their products on eBay Wholesale Deals. These sellers can fill out a form to be considered, eBay notes.

This article was updated to add a comment from eBay.

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  • Vince054745

    i’ve checked it out. poeple buy the stuff and then can’t even break even.  beware

  • Vince054745

    if you check ebay wholesale out you’ll see people buy and then  they have to sell the items for less than break even on ebay.  once again ebay is the only one that makes any money, plus there are very few listings on ebay wholesale.  its a joke

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