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Olympics May Delay U.K. Deliveries

Events in connection with the summer games will cause road closures.

eBay is warning sellers well in advance that the London Olympic Games this summer will cause road closures and could affect delivery times.

Noting potential delivery delays from mid-July to mid-September, eBay advises sellers to make plans now to avoid unhappy buyers later. It notes that though the Olympics end on Aug. 12, Olympic Road Network restrictions will be in place until mid-September.

During July and August, roads are expected to be closed for several days for cycling, triathlon, marathon and speed walking events. Affected areas include Westminster, London, Kensington, Chelsea, and Hammersmith and Fulham, according to BBC News.

Officials say that most of the events that will cause road closures will be held on weekends. However, delays should also be expected on July 26—a Thursday and the day before the games start. On that date, the Olympic torch will make its way through London, causing road closures.
eBay will monitor DSRs to make sure U.K. sellers don’t get too many low scores because of delays caused by the Olympic games

“We don’t want sellers to be unfairly impacted as a result of the disruption to the road network,” eBay states in its announcement, adding that sellers who may be affected should write a note in their listings about potential interruptions, so buyers will know what to expect—and won’t ding them for delivery time.

The marketplace adds that it will monitor Detailed Seller Ratings during the Olympics to make sure U.K. sellers don’t get too many low scores because of delays caused by the games.

“If we see a significant increase in the number of low DSRs which can be attributed to the Olympic Road Network, we will automatically de-score the low DSRs for these transactions at a later date, in advance of your evaluation cycle,” the post states.

eBay adds that officials are aware that some mail carriers will charge an extra fee to deliver items to affected areas. However, only a few carriers are expected do this, so eBay will not adjust its current shipping caps during the Olympic Games.

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