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eBay Raises Fee Caps for Private Sellers

New final value fee maximums take effect July 10.

Private sellers on eBay U.K. and eBay Ireland who list high-ticket items may have to pay more in eBay fees starting next month.

eBay announced the change today, noting it will increase the final value fee cap for private sales on and starting July 10. When that date hits, eBay U.K. sellers will have a final value fee cap of 75 pounds. The previous cap was 40 pounds. Sellers on eBay Ireland will see their caps rise from 50 euros to 90 euros.

Final value fees for business sellers are not changing.

The hike in eBay fees will only affect private sellers who sell items for more than 400 pounds on eBay U.K. and 500 euros on eBay Ireland, eBay notes.

Rebecca Miller, an eBay seller of more than 12 years, says sellers historically haven’t liked any fee increases. She notes that when eBay raised its caps on its U.S. marketplace last year, sellers weren’t happy. When it raised its final value fee caps on the U.S. site again last month for certain standard auction-style listings, merchants complained again.

But sellers on one forum are split on the latest increase. Some say the hike will cause more off-eBay sales. Others note the change in eBay fees isn’t significant because it will only affect sellers who have big-ticket items.

“You have to sell something majorly expensive to pay that sort of money,” writes Crowqueen. Sham63 noted that the announcement was “terrible news.” Soolin added that the change “will make a lot business seller very happy” as the new cap will start to level the playing field for business and private sellers when it comes to eBay fees.

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  • Vince054745

    another monopoly move by ebay.  they took 250 on an item that cost me 122 last month.  this caused me to lose money on the item.  another chapter in the long history of ebay ripping people off.

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