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U.K. Shoppers Spend 32% of Budgets Online

Survey reveals European consumer trends.

Shoppers in the U.K. are embracing online shopping and spending a lot of their retail budgets on websites, according to a new study.

The study, done by Mediascope Europe, finds that U.K. shoppers spend 32 percent of their shopping budgets online and make one in three purchases from websites. That’s the highest percentage for online purchases among European buyers. Germany is No. 2, with residents spending 25.4 percent of their budgets online, the survey notes.

The study reveals several trends among European shoppers that online sellers may find interesting. For instance, 51 percent of respondents say the Internet helps them choose better products, and about 30 percent say they’re more likely to buy from a company they follow on Facebook, Twitter or another social site.

Nearly a third of Europeans say they’re more likely to buy from a company they follow on Facebook, Twitter or another social site

Mediascope Europe also notes that 96 percent of Internet users in Europe use the Web to research purchases. In all, 87 percent of Europeans are estimated to shop online, which has been very profitable for online sellers. In fact, in a span of six months, European shoppers spent 188 billion pounds online, averaging 544 pounds per buyer.

The study also found that Europeans access the Internet through more mobile devices, and that residents like watching TV and surfing the Web at the same time, a trend that is also popping up in the States.

Alison Fennah, vice president of Research and Marketing for IAB Europe, which publishes Mediascope’s research, adds the findings show that Internet users aren’t moving away from one way to access the Internet in favor or another. Instead, shoppers are using multiple platforms.

“For brands, advertisers and marketers, this information is essential to adapt and grow engagement with our consumers in our media multi-tasking world,” she notes.

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