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Buyers Engage More on Pinterest

Curation site outshines social networks when it comes to retailers.

Shoppers have been able to follow and like retailers on Twitter and Facebook for years, but relative newcomer Pinterest is proving more appealing to buyers.

In fact, consumers are more engaged with companies on the curation site than they are on Facebook or Twitter, according to a recent survey by researchers, comScore and The Partnering Group. The study finds that buyer follow an average of 9.3 retail businesses on Pinterest, but just 6.9 on Facebook and 8.5 on Twitter.

“Pinterest has given retailers another channel to ‘listen’ to and interact with both existing and new customers”

The reasons for following or liking a company on any social site vary, according to the survey. Still, an estimated 38 percent of shoppers do this. The top reason why buyers—51 percent of them—follow or like a company is to receive coupons or discounts. Others follow a company to get information on products, hear about events, learn about trends or ideas, and get “how-to” ideas or expert opinions.

Vicki Cantrell, executive director of, says retailers are embracing social sites and engaging customers on these, while keeping their brands relevant, interesting and exciting.

“Specifically, Pinterest has given retailers another channel to ‘listen’ to and interact with both existing and new customers, telling an ongoing visual story through images of their products and their brand spirit—a story that customers can tell again to their friends and family members,” she adds.

The survey also looked at mobile devices and their impact on buying. It found that though tablet and smartphone owners are more likely to use these devices for social tasks, they use them differently when it comes to shopping.

Smartphone owners tend to share products with family and friends. In fact, 37 percent of shoppers note they use their phones to take photos of products, and 34 percent say they send these to friends and family. Tablet owners tend to use their devices for comparison shopping, the survey finds.

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