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Etsy Sellers Plan May 10 Silent Protest

'Protesy' calls for one-day strike over the sale of mass-produced items on the site.

More than 3,900 Etsy sellers will close shop for a day on Thursday because they believe Etsy management has turned a blind eye to resellers and mass producers operating on the craft-oriented marketplace.

A group calling itself Protesty is asking Etsy sellers to put their shops in vacation mode for 24 hours, starting May 10, and for buyers to refrain from making purchases on the site that day. The group has also started a Facebook page, which had more than 500 likes at press time.

However, in discussion threads such as this one, some Etsy sellers worried that if they participate in the one-day strike, the site will close their shops permanently. Others said the strike would likely have no effect.

Etsy, a site for handmade and vintage goods, came under fire recently when it featured a furniture store that works with an offshore factory. After community members alleged the shop was a reseller, Etsy investigated but found no policy violations.

A message on the Protesty site—which will shut down after the May 10 strike—says allowing resellers and mass producers to operate on Etsy will push indie artisans and small shops out of the market.

“We understand that it can be hard to track down all shops that would fall in to the categories of resellers or factories but, when evidence is clear and given, we feel that Etsy is supposed to address the issue, or simply admit that they have changed direction, and are now also a place for factory-made products and resellers,” it states.

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