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Want to Sell It? Pin It

Social commerce app Pin2Sell lets merchants sell on Pinterest.

With online sellers increasingly looking to capitalize on Pinterest’s popularity to bring traffic to their product listings, it seems a natural next step to enable them to sell directly on the site.

One company is doing just that. Pin2Sell is a free service from Clique Studios that allows users to sell through Pinterest just by uploading an image and a description, entering a valid PayPal email address and then pinning the item on their Pinterest board.

“As an e-commerce agency, we see the trends on social commerce and the loyalty that exists on Pinterest,” says Derek Nelson, creative director at Clique. “It just seemed like there needed to be a solution, so we came up with Pin2Sell.”

The news comes on the heels of the introduction of Chirpify, an app that lets users trade through Twitter.

Like Chirpify, Pin2Sell uses a social networking platform to let anyone with a PayPal account engage in e-commerce.

Since its launch April 20, Pin2Sell has more than 200 users, but that number may explode in short time due to the rising popularity of social commerce. According to a study published by SocialMediadd, social commerce will be a $30 billion market by 2015.

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  • yawn

    I tried this and it does not work

  • Guest.

    Its nice but not every sellers likes using paypal. 

  • Jason

    When you post to pin2sell, how long does it take for your item to go up to pinterest?

  • Love it!

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