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Etsy May Launch Wholesale Site

Acquisition of Trunkt said to support Etsy sellers already doing wholesale business.

Etsy has acquired Trunkt, a one-person wholesale platform, and may be preparing to open a new site to serve the wholesale channel.

While the company has not formally announced the acquisition, a company spokesman acknowledged the deal in a discussion thread on news site Pando Daily.

“With Trunkt, we’re making an investment in a really talented person who has a deep understanding of an area of business that impacts a number of our sellers,” writes Adam Brown, the marketplace’s public relations manager. “If and when we do pursue wholesale tools on Etsy, it will be in service of bringing new channels to existing Etsy sellers to meet their needs, not working with large manufacturers.”

According to a TechCrunch report, Trunkt is built on Etsy’s API, and 95 percent of its sellers already sell on the marketplace.

Etsy sellers have started their own discussion of the deal.

Etsy notes it will have more details to share with sellers soon.

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