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Now You Can Sell on Twitter

Chirpify platform allows Twitter users to monetize their tweets.

If you ever wondered how to turn all your tweeting into profits, a chirp might just be what brings the egg to the nest.

Twitter has joined with Chirpify, a Portland-based social commerce platform that enables merchants to buy, sell, donate and transact through a simple tweet.

“Brands, retailers, politicians, celebrities and individuals have spent the past six years using Twitter to build communities and brand affinity, so why not allow them to sell on Twitter, directly?” says Chris Teso, founder of Chirpify. “Customers don’t have to leave Twitter to make a purchase or donation.”

How Chirpify works

Merchants interested in selling through Twitter can set up a contract with Chirpify, and must use PayPal, since Chirpify payments are processed by PayPal. Once set up with Chirpify, merchants simply tweet their product with an image and followers can reply with the word “buy.”

The follower must also have a PayPal account and will be prompted to set up a free account with Chirpify. Once all accounts are in order, followers can easily buy through Twitter as well as make donations or other transactions.

What it costs to use Chirpify

Small businesses—including artists and independent sellers—pay 4 percent of each Chirpify transaction, plus the usual PayPal fees. Larger companies can arrange a flat-fee processing charge with Chirpify.

Chirpify has been transacting through Twitter since February, and has companies like Hewlett Packard and Powerbar using the service, as well as artists, musicians and fundraisers.

The social commerce service originated in November 2011 as Sell, and rebranded itself as Chirpfiy after joining accelerator Upstart Labs for seed money.

It was popularized at South by Southwest with the launch of Tweet-A-Beer, a Web app that allowed Twitter users to buy drinks for their friends.

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  • Guest.

    Why are they requiring sellers to have a paypal account I hate paypal.

  • Goddessweaves

    Sound like I found a new selling option for my clients..:) cant wait to join sounds fun:) thanks for sharing posted my first item:)

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