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Newegg Revamps 3rd-Party Marketplace

Hopes to attract more sellers with new fee structure and upgraded support tools.

Newegg is revamping its third-party marketplace with a new pricing structure and tools the company hopes will attract more sellers of general merchandise and create a one-stop shopping site.

The changes, slated to take effect June 4, will increase the monthly fee to $19.95 and introduce a commission rate of 9 percent to 13 percent, depending on the merchandise category. Along with the pricing changes, the seller portal will be upgraded to make it more intuitive to use, the company reports.

“We’re proud to say that compared to other major online marketplaces, Newegg’s rates are among the lowest in the industry,” a Newegg spokeswoman tells The Online Seller via email. “We also provide several key benefits to selling on our marketplace, including dedicated merchandising support and access to Newegg’s promotional opportunities.”

“Overall, we feel that Newegg Marketplace is a much more compelling offering for sellers”

Newegg is best known as a retailer of electronics and computers. In 2008, the company launched, a standalone marketplace for third-party sellers of general merchandise, but that venture failed. In 2010, the company opened Newegg Marketplace on the Newegg site.

The marketplace is open to independent sellers of all sizes that meet Newegg’s stringent quality standards—a change from, which gained a reputation for not policing unscrupulous merchants on the site. In fact, sellers must go through an application process to sell on the marketplace.

“Our top priority when it comes to selecting merchants is finding sellers that really understand and value their customers,” the Newegg spokeswoman says. “We have a detailed qualification process where we screen merchants for specific qualities, such as stellar customer service, exceptional pricing and fast shipping. We want to make sure that all of our customers have seamless, positive shopping experiences with our marketplace merchants.

“Overall, we feel that Newegg Marketplace is a much more compelling offering for sellers and, at the same time, it gives our 18 million users a broader selection of products to choose from on,” she adds.

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