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How to Get More Fans on Facebook

5 tips for building a quality community on your Facebook page

Q: What are the most effective ways to get more fans to join your Facebook page without sacrificing fan quality?

A: Fan growth is effective when it is done in an organic way that leads to a steady pace of new fans. At LuLu’s, we focus on building a community that people would love to be a part of and something that they enjoy returning to again and again.

With any fan page, the question to ask is, “What are the benefits for people to ‘like’ this page?” There are various motivations for people to like the Facebook page of a company or brand. Integrating a mix of benefits into your page will give fans a feeling of value.

Facebook page tip No. 1: Content is king

Content is the most valuable asset on the Web, and this holds true on Facebook as well. This can be as simple as posting a link to an interesting article, or something that is planned out in advance and created for the page. Tap into the passions of your community, and find or produce content that they would enjoy and share.

Facebook page tip No. 2: Offer discounts or special offers

People often like a page to be in the know about special offers. Be sure to post any coupons or deals you are offering on the page. Occasionally providing exclusive deals that are for Facebook fans only makes them feel special and conveys that they are getting an added benefit of being a fan.

Facebook page tip No. 3: Let fans go ‘behind the scenes’

Putting yourself in the shoes of those in your brand’s demographic will give you a good idea of what content and posts are best to interest new fans

Brands and companies are all about the people. Fans want to see what goes on behind the scenes during a typical day. They love feeling like they are getting to know more about the team members and what projects they are involved in. Sharing pictures of various people at the company, or behind the scenes, gives users a sense of a personal touch, instead of only seeing a business as a company.

Facebook page tip No. 4: Put on contests

The value of contests is that it gives back to people who already are fans and encourages people who may be on the fence about potentially liking a Facebook page. This is a major value added and allows people to have fun by participating in the contests.

Facebook page tip No. 5: Reward active fans

Fans love to be recognized. One simple way to recognize them is to simply keep an open ear. If someone posts on the page, be sure to respond in a timely manner and interact. Another way to give a nod to the “super users” who are most active is to mention them by name and say that you appreciate them. A weekly “featured fan,” for example, would show that you appreciate the people in your online community.

Putting yourself in the shoes of those in your brand’s demographic will give you a good idea of what content and posts are best to interest new fans to like your Facebook page. Be sure to also add social media links and icons to all touch points, such as your newsletter, homepage and customer emails, to make your current visitors aware that they can connect with you on Facebook and other social networks.

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