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Etsy Sales Jump 41% in March

Busy month reflects artisan marketplace's increasing popularity.

Etsy reported record sales for the month of March, a reflection of the site’s growing popularity as an alternative to marketplaces like eBay.

Sales on Etsy rose sharply to $62.8 million in March, a 7.7-percent sequential increase from February, and a 41.5-percent increase from March 2011.

Etsy’s month-to-month results include a 5.5-percent increase in the number of items sold (to 3.09 million), a 4.7-percent increase in new items listed (to 2.35 million), and a 2-percent increase in new members. Year over year, new membership is up 69 percent, Etsy reports.

For the month of March, 1.35 billion page views were recorded, which is a 25-percent increase, year over year.

Etsy sellers agreed that the numbers are exciting news. Some praised the fact that the value of items sold increased at a faster rate than the number of items sold—a sign that average selling prices are going up.

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  • Eurocamper08

    Brilliant news…Any site that can seriously compete with Ebay has my blessing. Not the only fish in the sea now are you eBay….

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