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Dwolla Introduces Pay Now Button

Payment option can be added to virtually any website.

Payments startup Dwolla has introduced a customizable Pay Now button that lets U.S.-based e-commerce merchants, bloggers and website owners enable a quick payment option.

The button, announced on the Dwolla blog, can be downloaded for free by Dwolla account holders, and used in any number of ways, according to Dwolla CEO Ben Milne.

“If you’re raising money for charity, dropping payment buttons onto e-commerce stores, or just collecting tips on your blog, it’s cake,” he writes.

Users can drop the button into their websites as is, or customize the styling to add a price or change the message. However, doing so may require a bit of programming know-how, or a willingness to tinker.

Dwolla’s service is designed to enable secure money transfers via phone, computer, social networks and point of sale, but it does so without relying on the same network used by banks and credit card processors, so there are no “swipe fees” or monthly costs.

Customers who click on the buy button will need to have or create a Dwolla account to make a payment. It’s free to open an account, costs nothing to send money, and costs 25 cents to receive money in amounts greater than $10—though there is a $10,000 limit for business transfers. Dwolla is only available to users within the U.S. who have a U.S. bank account.

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