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Search Outage Hits eBay

Users unable to search listings for more than an hour.

eBay’s search function was broken for more than an hour Monday, frustrating buyers who were unable to find items and sellers who stood to lose revenue as a result.

Users began reporting “service unavailable” errors on eBay discussion boards around 1:30 p.m., PST.

While the glitch wasn’t reported on the Announcements page, as eBay’s outage policy specifies, an eBay representative acknowledged the problem on the Search board shortly after 2:30 p.m., PST.

The post was followed by a statement at 3:09 p.m., PST, that the search problem had been resolved.

Under eBay’s outage policy, some sellers may be entitled to listing credits. According to the policy, when a title search outage lasts more than an hour, sellers may receive credit for any listings scheduled to end during the outage, or in the hour after the end of the outage.

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  • John

    no announcement at all. big surprise. (go look, if it was ever there, they removed it)

  • Minilea25

    They aren’t going to give one dime to sellers who had listings ending during that period. Instead they have given everyone a 10% off coupon, ensuring that they make money while trying to soothe the angry buyers and sellers alike. Figures.

  • sunset0533

    I was listing things on ebay and trying to search for comps for unusual items at the same time, so I could determine a price/demand  for my items. It was really irritating to not be able to find anything, and that ebay had not put the problem on system announcements.  I had to quit for awhile on the only day I really have time for listing, so I didn’t get as much listed. 

  • jgofan

    eBay never makes things right with sellers or buyers when they screw up. But they have no sympathy for and are quick to punish THEIR customers, the sellers, when we make a mistake, even when we make every attempt to correct it. They are a bunch of hypocrites.

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