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eBay UK Adjusts Postage Limits for Sellers

Increases reflect upcoming postage fee hikes.

eBay UK has increased the maximum limits sellers are allowed to charge for postage and packaging in response to an upcoming increase in Royal Mail postage fees.

Effective immediately, the eBay UK site reflects a rise in postage costs at Royal Mail, which will take place at the end of the month. eBay says it sets maximum limits for sellers to charge for postage and packaging in order to retain a reliable and consistent cost for buyers.

Royal Mail’s postage increase will be the largest price hike since 1975, with second-class stamps going up as much as 39 percent. The last several years have cost Royal Mail a loss of nearly 1 billion pounds, the company reports.

For more information, see eBay UK’s maximum postage and packaging breakdown.

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  • US postage has also increased recently.

  • Colin Marsh8

    Good topics, unbias, and helpful
    Colin. dingledell2books

  • Freddie George

    Ebay won’t prosper completely until then have a “sellers charter” to stop buyers messiong around and leaving unjustified feedback whilst the seller can’t leave them the same.

    Small wonder the GPO lose money – Ebay’s postage amount restrictions on items such as books are a farce………….they suggest a carrier but you UST give a postaghe cost which is restricted. They refer you to how you can circumvate the postage on weight limit but this can’t be found…….typical!.

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