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eBay’s New Tracking Requirement is Untenable

In response to More eBay Changes Take Effect:

The most recent The Online Seller article on spring seller changes made no mention of the problems around the 90-percent minimum transaction tracking requirement.

I sell popular brand greeting cards year-round on eBay, and for some holidays (Mom’s Day, Dad’s Day, Graduation, etc.) the bulk of my sales are individual cards. I mail them letter post, for which it’s not possible to print labels with tracking. I sell the cards below retail with free shipping, so paying for first class postage with tracking would put me in the hole.

I’m faced with the possibility of closing down this part of my business in order not to lose the 20-percent final value fee discount I’ve been earning for years. A very unpalatable place to be.

Appreciate the newsletters,

—Wendy Ferguson

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