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Can You Sell Antiques and Collectibles to China?

Hi guys,

I would be glad to read an article on sellers’ experiences of selling antique and collectible goods to China.

Recently, I have had to refund buyers for the non-delivery of antique crocodile and snakeskin handbags, and a vintage necklace, which contained some coral. I have no way to ask Chinese authorities to have my goods returned, and the Royal Mail will not compensate for goods which the Chinese customs prohibit or restrict.

My research so far has shown that almost everything you can think of is prohibited. These must be new regulations, as in the past I have sent leather jackets and antique linen to China with no problem.

Meantime, I am not accepting bids from China until I can be more confident that the goods will be delivered.

Any information that anyone has on this topic will be eagerly read.

— Catherine

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