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PayPal Revamps its Payment Options

All-in-one solution, PayPal Payments, targets small businesses.

PayPal has repackaged its payment tools to provide an all-in-one solution meant to give small merchants more flexibility in how they receive payments.

The new offering, called PayPal Payments, is a tiered structure that rolls in online payments, mobile payments, in-person payments via PayPal Here, invoicing capability and debit card access to PayPal funds.

Merchants can choose from three service packages that range in price from free to $30 a month, plus transaction fees, which are the same as before. All packages include the full range of multichannel payment options, but the higher tiers let merchants have more control over the payment flow.

“As we’ve been saying for a while now, technology is changing the way people shop and pay more than any time in history,” notes Ed Eger, senior vice president and general manager of PayPal Americas. “Small businesses should be focused on making their customers happy, not spending time worrying about handling the complex task of online, offline and multichannel payments in this new shopping environment.”

As part of the change, PayPal has dropped the term “website” from the name of its U.S. products, a move the company says reflects the multichannel evolution of the payments industry. So, Website Payments Pro is now known as PayPal Payments Pro, for example.

The change was announced today on the PayPal Blog. The new service options are detailed in this chart.

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  • andre christophe

    Has anyone tried ebid as an alternative?

    • Barbz

      no but what are the benifits??? what are the fees?

  • Barbz

    Sell all of your USED items NOW!… OR leave … Run do not walk!!!
    I am moving my jewelry to etsy and selling everything I want to sell on the EBAY( SHARK) site

    I will charge restocking fees if i sell anything on ebay. I am also increasing my prices by 25% to balance out this very high fees we are told to pay.

    If EVERYONE INCREASED THE PRICE THEY SELL ITEMS FOR ebay makes more $$$ but so do WE!!!

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