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Tax Refunds to Fund Car Expenses

Shoppers say they'll spend 31 percent of refunds on their vehicles.

About a third of shoppers who own cars and expect a tax refund will use at least part of that windfall to pamper and repair their vehicles.

That’s according to a survey commissioned by eBay Motors. It finds that 34 percent of car owners who expect a refund will use at least some of that money on their cars.

The survey also finds that, on average, those who said they will use the money they get back from Uncle Sam on their cars will put 31 percent of the cash toward purchases for their vehicles.

About 49 percent of respondents say they’ll spend on items for their car’s maintenance, 32 percent on repairs, 21 percent on a new or used vehicle, 19 percent on tires, and 14 percent on cleaning and detailing, eBay reports.

Those expenses could happen online, if the past is any indicator. In 2011 and 2010, searches for car parts and accessories grew between 17 percent and 23 percent during tax season, eBay notes.

“The survey findings support the trends we have seen over the past years in relation to sales and search increases on eBay Motors over the course of the tax season,” notes Gregory Boutte, vice president of eBay Motors and Electronics in North America. “This increased activity speaks to the selection and value people have come to associate with eBay Motors.”

He adds that Motors has more than 22 million parts for sale at any given time.

“eBay Motors is the place where people looking to spend refund dollars can find just about anything they need for their vehicle, whether they’re shopping online [with their PCs] or from their mobile devices,” Boutte says.

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