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Return Policy Should Be Up to Seller

In response to Upcoming eBay Return Policy Change Causes Uproar:

I think [eBay] should leave this decision up to the sellers. We all sell for different reasons and are happy to make a sale when volume is low and the economy is slow. To make it too easy for someone to basically buy on consignment—buy it and try it, then have all the time to return it—doesn’t make sense.

eBay and PayPal make a lot of money from us little guys; let us make decisions about our returns.


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  • Lawrence

    I’m totally agreed it. 

  • Barbz

    Ebay only wants the Big box sellers !!! They hate small sellers who built their company..
    They are greddy sharks in a pool of dirty water in my opinion.

    Think about it if you made 1000 dollars …
    Ebay makes 300 dollars!!!

    They are internet robbers , and bullies.
    The service they provide the small sellers.. i give it 3 stars!
    wow if we could fire ebay based on seller feedback,  they would be closed…..DOWN !

    Lets all fire them by leaving !!!! Cause them to lose 20% of the listings they have.

    Lets begin a list of better places to sell items!! and line a FAIR  auction sites pockets!!!

    MY list:


    comments welcome where to sell and why???

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