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Let Sellers See Buyers’ History

In response to eBay Return Center: Becoming an Amazon?:

I am OK with the new restrictions on sellers to be Top-rated. But why can’t we, as sellers, see the unpaid items on buyers?

I know we can restrict buyers with unpaid items, but why shouldn’t they have a negative on their feedback? I understand there can be times when a buyer can’t fulfill their contract, but I should know going in and not have to wait sometimes a week or more.


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  • Kay

    Val, I agree. As sellers we should be able to give the buyers ratings as well.  It does seem that eBay always errs on the side of buyers rather than their sellers. We sell food products and have always offered a return on unopened items, we simply can not restock our shelves with opened returned products. So what it usually boils down to, our very narrow profit margin quickly becomes a loss to us for a buyer who is cheating the system. Because of this and the fees, we have reduced our selling dramatically on eBay.

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