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eBay Unresponsive to Shipping Address Errors

For at least four years, I have been complaining to eBay and PayPal to correct the buyer shipping addresses problem. I average an error rate of about 30 percent to 40 percent where the eBay and PayPal shipping addresses differ.

When I purchase anything at a brick-and-mortar store and I want it delivered, each time, they verify that the delivery address is correct. eBay and PayPal go with their “confirmed” addresses only, which may differ.

It would only take about 20 to 30 lines of computer code to ask the buyer if the shipping address is correct by putting a check in a checkbox, thus verifying that the address is correct.

Then [as the seller], I should be able to see the checkbox that the shipping address is correct.

I get address errors when the buyer wants the item shipped to a friend or relative with no note included with the payment. eBay and PayPal shipping addresses differ. People move an average of once every five years. Forwarding time at the post office expires (60-day limit?).

I send emails to the buyer asking which address is correct. Most new buyers don’t know that I, the seller, can communicate with them. The second day, I try phoning them. Problems: no phone number, wrong phone numbers, no Canadian phone numbers, etc.

eBay and I would both increase our profitability by providing 100-percent accurate shipping addresses—or eBay and/or PayPal should be responsible for the cost of having to send out duplicate items, plus the cost of additional postage.

—Bill Martell

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