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eBay AU Renovates Stores, Fee Structure

Marketplace says changes are meant to raise standards for quality listings.

eBay Australia will be making several changes to its fee structure starting in May, changes the company says will make calculating eBay fees easier for sellers with eBay Stores, and improve the quality of listings.

One significant change announced on is the gradual elimination of Basic subscription eBay Stores. Currently, Basic Store subscriptions cost $19.95 per month and Featured Store subscriptions cost $99.95 per month. Starting May 2, both eBay stores will cost $24.95 per month and include free pictures and reduced eBay listing fees. Later in the year, will retire the Basic Store completely and subscribers will be encouraged to migrate to the Featured Store.

Other changes include 12 free pictures on every listing, free listing upgrades, simpler insertion fees, flat final value fees, a simplified fee structure for Motors and more. The purpose of simplifying eBay listing fees, the company says, is to encourage sellers to become more competitive in their listing practices.

“Greater emphasis will be placed on the quality of listings in 2012, and new functionality, policies and time-saving tools will be introduced to help sellers deliver the professional service and engaging shopping experience buyers are looking for,” eBay reports.

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