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Need a New Selling Venue

In response to eBay Return Center: Becoming an Amazon?:

I’m looking for a new place to go with my vintage jewelry listings. I’m a senior who is not getting many sales lately due to the bad economy and more competition than there is product.

I sell small items and work hard to find them, and list them. I was Top-rated and a PowerSeller under the old guidelines. Now it’s eBay Big Brother tactics. I will lose. I do not see any way that these dictated rules will benefit me.

My only recent problem was with non-U.S. sales where returns were uncalled for, ridiculous requests. And that was only two within the last year. I will not be forced in to eBay dictating to me what they want me to do with my merchandise.

They are putting me out of business, branding me with an unwanted title if I do not follow their rules. This is saying to me “Get out. eBay rules.” Sick, eBay. Where is everyone going to escape this dictatorship?

—Fallen seller

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    I used to sell CDs on eBay but found their fees too high. I had 500 CDs in my store and was paying 90GBP a month, so I left. Now I sell on Amazon. I pay 28.75GBP a month for the store, no listing fees, and around 7% final selling value fees. I have 300 CDs listed right now.

    Check out Amazon and eBid. eBay may have more traffic but it doesn’t mean they’re the best.


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