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Mobile Users Can Now Take ‘PayPal Here’

Payment processor unleashes its card-swiping device.

The e-commerce industry is finding new ways to capitalize on mobile technology and stretch it to its limits.

PayPal has been churning out some new innovations to employ its services through mobile devices and today released PayPal Here, a mobile credit card reader. PayPal Here is no bigger than a thumb and allows sellers to swipe credit card transactions on their mobile devices.

It’s not the first of its kind, but PayPal is adding its name against those who have already breached the market, like Square and Swipe, with competitive prices and benefits. Users of PayPal Here can attach the device to their phone for credit card processing, or they can scan cards and checks using their phone’s camera.

“PayPal Here is just the latest addition to our comprehensive suite of payment solutions for small businesses—from PCI-compliant checkout options and invoicing to debit cards and mobile-optimized checkout,” says David Marcus, vice president of PayPal Mobile.

The ability to swipe a credit card on one’s mobile device takes shopping to a whole new level. Small businesses can become more mobile, and yard sale aficionados can expand their purchasing power.

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Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown is a freelance writer who writes about e-commerce and small businesses. She recently graduated from Chico State with a journalism degree and is also a budding online entrepreneur, having launched two Web businesses and her own line of handmade products. Opinions expressed here may not be shared by The Online Seller and/or its principals.

  • Bond007

    Mobile Users Can Now Take ‘PayPal Here’  It would be nice if the author told us more about this?  How do we secure one? Is is free or does it cost money?  What are the fees associated? When will it be available?
    If you are going to write an article like this, get more facts and answers so people know.  I signed up with SQUARE and they have been very userfriendly.

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