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Oodles of Opportunity on Facebook

Craigslist alternative Oodle expands itself into smaller circles.

Listing your classified ads on sites like Craigslist and eBay may reach out to a wider audience, but advertising to your inner-circles could garner more attention.

Oodle, an online classifieds marketplace, expanded its reach into the Facebook Marketplace by letting its users specify their trading options within specific social circles. Facebook users who sign up with the marketplace app can post their ads to their personal networks.

“By adding these new social circles into Marketplace, we enable social commerce to work like it does in the real world,” says Craig Donato, CEO at Oodle. “We turn to a variety of people within our local community—friends as well as neighbors, co-workers and classmates.”

Oodle Pro also allows small business users to appear on Facebook’s graph of networks, giving more opportunity to be indirectly promoted by friends of friends.

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  • Zooky13

    Thanks for Oodle info – I wasn’t aware of them.  I’ll be taking a closer look as it may be a nice tool for expanding my ecommerce business on a local level.

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