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iPad App Lets Buyers Watch TV and Shop

eBay introduces 'Watch with eBay' app.

People like to shop while they watch TV. That’s the conclusion eBay has come to—and is betting on—as the site announced that a popular feature on its iPad app, which lets shoppers buy while they watch the tube, is now a standalone app.

The app, Watch with eBay, was officially introduced as its own application on Monday during the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX. With the app, users can enter their ZIP codes, cable provider, and what they’re watching on TV to have the app return related eBay items that users may be interested in buying.

Items returned will range from clothing featured on the show the user’s watching to DVDs of the show, to memorabilia, eBay reports.

“Consumers are increasingly engaging in a two-screen experience—shopping on their mobile devices while watching television,” eBay notes in its press release. “This trend—nicknamed couch commerce—is emerging as a growing part of the interactive shopping landscape, and eBay is the first company to sync shopping and entertainment for consumers via their iPads.”

According to Nielson, the average American spends five hours watching TV every day. Yahoo adds that 86 percent also use their smartphones and tablets as “second screens” while they watch TV.

The Watch with eBay app is available to download for free on iTunes.

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