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Product Bundling for Success

Create your own in-demand products without a manufacturer.

Imagine how your business could thrive if you offered product exclusives, if you sold limited-edition products buyers were clamoring for, and stocked products that could win you the coveted Buy Box on Amazon.

What if you could achieve this without calling a manufacturer or investing thousands in special products or licensing—using inventory that you already have?

You can! And you can start today using a process called product bundling.

What is product bundling?

While product bundling has been around since the dawn of retail, it’s commonly described as selling a kit, gift basket, set or multi-pack.

But there’s so much more to it than that. Product bundling is a creative thought process of taking a “plain product” and turning it into an exciting new product that will set you apart from your competition. It lends itself, perfectly, to agile, independent online retailers who have the flexibility to create unique product bundles that their “big box” counterparts do not.

For example, a client of mine sells bee-keeping supplies. Based on feedback she received from her customers and members of her bee-keeping club, she began bundling her hand-picked selection of bee-keeping supplies for the up-and-coming hobbyist. Dubbed “The Ultimate Kit for Newbees,” it has become her top seller.
Product bundling works for any products, in any niche. The only limit is your imagination.

In creating a starter kit, she leveraged her expertise and added value by doing the work of identifying and assembling exactly what her start-up customers need. She saved them time, research and effort, and they reward her with the sale.

Product bundling works for any products, in any niche. The only limit is your imagination.

Here are six creative product bundling ideas to get you started.

Bundling idea No. 1: Nonstandard configurations

Creating nonstandard product configurations that can’t be found in stores gives your customers a compelling reason to buy your product bundle.

For example, products like the popular Fiesta dinnerware are only sold in certain color combinations. Yet Fiesta fans love to mix and match. With product bundling, you can “break down” standard dish sets, and mix and match them to form your own color combinations, thereby giving your customers exactly the colors they want. You could even do a “set of the month” and offer a limited edition color combination each month.

Bundling idea No. 2: Fill in the gaps

Any mom who has ever shopped for kids’ themed party supplies knows it’s a common occurrence to find enough plates and hats for the occasion, only to discover that the store is out of matching napkins and cups. And mixing Monster High with Disney Princess decorations just won’t cut it.

The savvy e-tailer can eliminate this problem and make moms across the world happy by creating themed party supply bundles in different configurations. You could even create basic and deluxe bundles, adding more themed decorations to the deluxe bundle for parents who want to go all out. And don’t forget about quantity!

Stores offer party supplies in sets of eight, which means you usually have to buy two of everything. How about offering your bundles in sets of 10 or 12 pieces? Your customers will love you for it.

This is a great way to take a commodity product and turn it into something unique when selling on Amazon. Not only that, but with a product exclusive, you can now get your own product page on, as the exclusive seller of the product, and garner the coveted Buy Box.

Bundling idea No. 3: Provide a solution

An easy way to get the advantage over your “component-selling competition” is to bundle product components, then show your customers how to use them.

A creative client of mine who sells in the competitive electronics components category on eBay watched seller after seller compete on price. Unwilling to go down that road, he came up with a “home entertainment networking kit,” and bundled together all the components you need to set up a home entertainment network.

Then he took it one step further and put together documentation showing his customers how to use the components and set up their home entertainment network. With clearly laid out instructions, and all the components they needed in one handy kit, sales of his new product took off.

By selling the components as a solution, he was able to charge considerably more than if he’d sold the components individually. Why? Because, in addition to the components, he was also selling convenience and expertise—something people appreciate and are happily willing to pay extra for.
The key to success when selling a product bundle on eBay is to tell potential buyers your product is an exclusive

The key to success when selling a product bundle on eBay is to tell potential buyers that your product is an exclusive. Using an eBay subtitle is a perfect way to market your new exclusive bundle.

Bundling idea No. 4: Creative sets

Who doesn’t like to find a unique set to give as a gift (or keep for themselves)? The opportunities are limitless.

For example, combine a few Cars 2 die cast cars, the Cars 2 DVD and a hard-to-find Cars 2 lunchbox, and you have the ultimate “Cars 2 Fun Pack” that will delight a preschooler—and his gift-giving grandma.

How about taking a girl’s dress that both you and your competitors sell and bundling yours with a pair of matching tights and an adorable matching headband? There are many people who are not good at pairing clothes and accessories, and would love to buy the complete look.

Bundle hand lotion with body wash and include a matching scented candle. You’re now selling something that no one else is. The possibilities go on and on.

Bundling idea No. 5: Create multi-packs

Costco has made a fortune creating multi-packs, and so can you. Look at the products you sell and then take a look at how frequently your customers buy multiples of the same products. Now instead of selling them only in individual units and offering to combine shipping, put them together in a multi-pack and make a new product offering. This also works great for low-ticket items, and will help to raise your average sales price.

Bundling idea No. 6: Add value

Selling a popular commodity item can often leave little room for marketing creativity, until you bundle a gift with a purchase. Take your everyday baking sheet, bundle it with a $1 cookbook from the dollar store and, for a minimal investment, you have a new product that no one else carries. Priced competitively, what will your customers buy? The baking sheet that comes with the cookbook, of course!

As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to product bundles.

Once you have your new bundle assembled, put the finishing touches on it by giving it a unique name. Let your creative juices flow. Instead of “Set of 12 Gardening Tools” make it “The Ultimate Weekend Gardner’s Toolkit.”

And what if your competition tries to copy your product bundles? No problem. Once you have the thought process down, you’ll have hundreds of new ideas that will always keep you one step ahead.

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