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Americans Adopt Smartphones

Retailers should explore how to integrate mobile commerce, expert says.

Americans are drawn to smartphones. Everywhere you look, someone seems to be using an iPhone or an Android. And it’s not just your imagination.

Almost half of all Americans own smartphones, according to a study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. It found that, as of February, 46 percent of Americans own smartphones—an 11-percent increase compared to May 2011.

The adoption seems to be universal, Pew reports. All demographics, men and women, and the various social classes, noted an increase in the adoption of the devices, though younger customers were more likely to have a smartphone regardless of their educational background. For respondents 65 years and older, adoption was more prevalent among those who were college-educated.

Retailers should take note of America’s fascination with smartphones, says Tom Nawara, vice president of digital strategy and design for Acquity Group.

“The question for retailers can no longer be, ‘Should we include mobile in our mix?'” he says. “It has to be, ‘How do we most efficiently build mobile experiences into our omnichannel plans?”

People seem to be adopting iPhones more rapidly than any other smartphone, as these increased in popularity by 9 percent compared to May 2011. Android ownership increased by 5 percent, while BlackBerry ownership dropped from 10 percent in May to 6 percent in February, the survey notes.

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