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Australians Spend Online

Report indicates online sales growth far outpaces traditional retail.

Despite a slowing growth trend in online sales, Australians increasingly prefer to spend their dollars via the Internet rather than in traditional retail stores, a recent report indicates.

The NAB Online Retail Sales Index reveals that Australians spent $10.5 billion online in 2011. While online spending accounts for only 4.9 percent of overall sales, online retail still saw 29 percent growth compared to 2.5 percent growth for traditional retail sales.

Brick-and-mortar stores remain strong in food sales, but 47 percent of online sales came from auctions, cosmetics, fashion, and department and variety stores. International online sales bypassed domestic online sales in October 2010. Since then, however, growth trends between the two have remained very similar.

“The majority of Australians say they prefer to buy online domestically, and many have never transacted overseas,” says Simon Smith, director at Quantium.

The report also shows that shoppers in their 30s and 40s maintain the strongest online spending presence.

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Sarah Brown is a freelance writer who writes about e-commerce and small businesses. She recently graduated from Chico State with a journalism degree and is also a budding online entrepreneur, having launched two Web businesses and her own line of handmade products. Opinions expressed here may not be shared by The Online Seller and/or its principals.

  • Viking1

    No wonder on line sale are going up, for example, If you won’f a special item, and it will cost $60.00 in petrol to get to a major city, and then spend all day in the process, it make the item very dear, but you can buy on line, have it posted for $12.50, what a saving. The on line sale is the best for Rural people who do not have a  major city near by.

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