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eBay Shows Similar Products on Active Listings

Test is limited to small group of eBay buyers, company officials say.

eBay is testing a new feature with a small group of buyers that may make many sellers unhappy.

The new feature entails displaying similar products from other merchants on active listings. These appear above an item’s description and shipping and payment information, according to reports.

eBay notes that this view is available only to a “small” group of shoppers, though it did not say how many.

Sellers can opt out of having similar products appear in their active listings by going to My eBay, selecting “Marketing Tools” in the Account tab, selecting “Promote Similar Items” and clicking “No.” However, once sellers have opted out, their listings will not display as similar items on other merchants’ active listings, eBay points out.

An eBay spokeswoman tells reporters the feature is intended to enhance shoppers’ browsing experiences by allowing them to see related items easily while at the same item giving sellers more exposure.

This is reportedly the first time eBay has displayed similar items on active listings.

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  • Cliff

    I don’t even know why I stay with ebay anymore.  I just don’t know if the collectible market is strong enough outside of the site to warrant a complete pullout.  They’ve become like a parent who has been co-opted by an abusive step parent.  Yet I’m still waiting for that ebay I knew and loved to return but I think it may be hopeless.

  • Grim

    Need to get the facts correct, the practice of eBay promoting similar listings above sellers descriptions is not new and has been going on for quite a while.

  • Karmadog777

    I had this intrusion on my pages, I researched it and opted out immediately. I have branding at stake, I spend alot of time (and money)on my listings making them stand out and be identifiable…for all the fees I am charged , as far as Im concerned I Own my listing page, I dont want competitors similar items on my pages! Butt out ebay!
    I encourage all sellers to take the time to OPT OUT

  • Gdewizard

    I do not like this feature although it is not a reason to stop using ebay, it giver an unfair advantage to sellers paying extra as you know this will become a pay for feature choaking out the smaller guy. so what else is new. 

  • Cherie

    I am going to set up a non profit organization and an online auction website….who knows I could get at popular as Ebay? Although I assure you, I will never charge as much as they do and I will never exert my authoritarian stupid rules upon sellers like they do. After all, if it weren’t for us sellers, there wouldn’t be an Ebay.

    Anyone interested in creating a new auction website???? If so, contact me at:


    please put the address all together as it kept erasing it if I put it together.

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