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Online Auction Site Auctionopia Debuts

eBay alternative offers free listings, real-time buyer-seller communications.

For buyers and sellers who still enjoy the online auction experience, a new auction site has just opened up.

Auctionopia today announced its online auction platform is open for business, the latest in an expanding hodgepodge of eBay alternatives. The site aims to set itself apart by making buyer-seller communication more efficient, and by eliminating hidden costs, two issues CEO Tom Popomaronis characterizes as recurring problems with auction platforms.

The new auction site features instant messaging to let buyers and sellers chat, negotiate pricing and settle on a deal. It also offers a fee-free environment, with no listing or transaction fees paid to Auctionopia. Sellers are charged only for enhancements to the position or visibility of their listings. However, PayPal is required for processing payments, and the normal fees apply there.

“The foundation of our service is to offer a free marketplace, while giving users the tools to communicate and negotiate in real time,” Popomaronis says.

With a bulk-upload feature for adding inventory, the auction site hopes to also serve as an additional distribution channel for online businesses, he adds.

Learn more about Auctionopia at

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Crista Souza
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  • Dstrevel

    I like having alternatives to eBay.  When they first started they were great, then as time went on they became more complicated and difficult.  I spent all day on the computer pleading for  things that were mine already.  Want to call them, get antacid first ad it is impossible to communicate with a human with eBay…such customer service.  
      I welcome alternatives to eBay.  I want the sales and they really do need to climb down off the cross they hoisted themselves upon.   Competition is a good thing.

    • Marykaybond

      Great Post Dstrevel!!

  • Anonymous

    I love this! The site looks amazing. There’s not a lot of items on it, but it looks like it just launched a couple of months back so I’m sure it won’t be long, in the meantime…. Less competition for me!

    • Transcendent

      It appears that Auctionopia is an alter-ego of eBay or PayPal. Anyone know?

  • Transcendent

    Crista, appreciate your reporting here on the two options to eBay. Thanks. Are you planning a review from the user’s perspective?  Hope so.

  • Sue Luckham

    Whoop whoop! Fantabulous, cannot wait to shop and sell.  My kind of business, as I am sooooo fed up of eBay!!

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