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PowerSeller to Lead

Senior product manager announces plans to retire.

The largest third-party developer of eBay tools will soon have a new product manager and a “strong advocate” for its customers: an eBay seller of more than 12 years.

Auctiva’s management team announced the change Friday, noting that Senior Product Manager Tony Maxey will retire on Feb. 24. Maxey, who led for four and a half years, will be replaced by Rebecca Miller, previously Product Analyst for, and a Top-rated seller who has sold on eBay since 1999.

Miller’s knowledge of eBay policies and best practices, her expertise with Auctiva tools and her strong commitment to Auctiva’s customers made her a perfect fit for the job, says Maxey, who first thought about retiring a year ago.

“I have worked in technology-related jobs pretty much my entire working life—more than 43 years,” he says. “I still love technology, but I’m ready for some new experiences.”

Those new experiences will likely have to do with writing, photography and travel, some of Maxey’s passions. But things will continue to run smoothly at under Miller’s guidance, he asserts.

“Rebecca’s going to do great!” he says.

An advocate for users

“Rebecca uses daily; she knows eBay policy and procedures, and all of the landscape of our customers because she’s one of them”

Miller has already begun acting in the lead product management role. In fact, Maxey started to prepare Miller for increased responsibility months ago, letting her take the lead during development of several significant Auctiva features, including Auctiva Integrated Shipping Labels, Auctiva Custom Newsletters, which help sellers market their items, and Sell it Social, a feature that lets merchants post their eBay listings on Facebook.

“I was there to provide overall guidance with those, but it was really from a coaching standpoint,” Maxey says. “She was on the field with the bat and glove.”

During those projects, Miller excelled, and her selling background will only enhance her abilities as the new product manager, he continues.

“Rebecca uses daily; she knows eBay policy and procedures, and all of the landscape of our customers because she’s one of them,” he continues. “Sellers will have a strong advocate in Rebecca, both with Auctiva management and also with eBay, who communicates with Auctiva frequently about upcoming changes they are considering.”

Miller says she’s excited about her new role.

“I hope to be a voice for customers to help them accomplish their sales goals with Auctiva,” she notes. “I have been an eBay seller for more than 12 years. I know what customers’ struggles are. I’ve felt their pain, and now I hope to help them even more.”

‘Steadying force of leadership’

Miller will work closely with Auctiva’s director of product management, Robert Green, and Tom Urbanowicz, vice president of engineering for Auctiva Corp., to develop a roadmap for future enhancements and to make sure complies with eBay policies.

Green says he’s sad to see Maxey leave, but he looks forward to working with Miller.

“Tony has seen through many important milestones. He’s a steadying force of leadership who the entire team will miss,” he says.

“Rebecca Miller is an indisputable eBay expert. Her promotion to the position of product manager is in keeping with our philosophy that the people who use are not our customers, but our partners,” he continues. “Our job is to help them do what they do faster, easier and for more profit. Auctiva users could have no stronger advocate than Rebecca leading the charge. It’ll be her sole focus to ensure Auctiva builds on its long legacy of providing tools to help sellers save time and boost sales.”

Read more about Maxey’s departure on the Auctiva Blog.

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  • Congrats Rebecca! Good to see that selling on eBay teaches more than just the basics of sales.  It teaches everything you need to run a business.

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