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eBay Warns Weather May Impact Deliveries

Urges patience, communication between buyers and sellers in U.K., Australia.

eBay is advising users in the U.K. and Australia that severe weather in certain areas could impact deliveries.

In the U.K., where heavy snow and freezing conditions are expected to continue through Tuesday, the Royal Mail is warning of limited service in parts of the country, but says it will be attempting deliveries and collections in most areas where it’s safe to do so.

Over the weekend, posted an announcement encouraging sellers to keep buyers informed about when packages are sent and let them know of possible delivery delays—particularly when dealing with international buyers, who might not be aware of the extreme weather conditions gripping most of the U.K. Buyers were also advised to reach out to sellers through email, phone or the eBay site.

An announcement today on urged “patience and consideration” if trading with an eBay member in Northern New South Wales and Queensland, where major flooding is expected to cause delays in mail service.

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