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Consumers Take to Online Shopping

Survey indicates mobile, tablet and social network services need to improve their customers' experience.

It’s safe to say that e-commerce has become a viable shopping channel for consumers during the holiday season, but mobile phones, tablets and social networking sites need to improve the shopping experience, according to the results of a recent survey.

The survey, released by Baynote, indicates overall customer satisfaction for shopping online has increased to 84 percent, up from 78 percent last year. However, 15 percent of Facebook and tablet users were dissatisfied with the personalization of the experience, as were 17 percent of smartphone users.

Privacy was also a concern among those surveyed. The survey indicates 13 percent of tablet users and 15 percent of smartphone users were concerned about privacy issues. Regarding social networking, 21 percent of Facebook users were dissatisfied with privacy when it came to the online shopping experience.

Social networking is indicated to be the least likely platform for finding purchases online. Nearly 80 percent of survey respondents said social networks had no influence on their holiday shopping decisions. Still, retailers are encouraged to increase their marketing and shopper experience for mobile and tablet sources.

“This holds particularly true for the tablet, which we expect will dominate all other emerging channels in the coming year,” says Anurag Wadehra, chief marketing officer at Baynote.

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