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eBay Partners with USPS, Singapore Post

New ePac delivery service expected to boost trade between Singapore and the U.S.

A new shipping service has been announced that will offer cost-effective deliveries between Singapore and the U.S.

eBay has collaborated with the U.S. Postal Service and Singapore Post to create ePac, a shipping service developed to provide more efficient delivery of lightweight goods between the two countries.

The partnership is the third of its kind that eBay has introduced in recent years. The first collaboration, ePacket, started between mainland China Post and USPS in September 2010. The second, e-Express, was formed between Hong Kong Post and USPS in April 2011.

The purpose for such partnerships is to reduce shipping times and help facilitate the tracking of goods. In Singapore, sellers were limited to delivery methods that reportedly could take up to three weeks and tracking services were inefficient, says Jason Lee, head of eBay marketplaces division for Southeast Asia and Middle East.

Shipping times are expected to be reduced by up to eight days when eBay sellers use ePac, he says. The benefits of ePac are expected to encourage more online shopping among those who want faster shipping and easier tracking.

ePac will charge a fixed rate of $1.70 per shipment under two kilograms, or 85 cents for the first 20 grams and 27 cents for every 10 grams thereafter. More information can be found at

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