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PayPal Moves Offline

Payment service provider is testing purchases at a brick-and-mortar store.
Point-of-sale payment

PayPal has been making headlines over the past year as it announces new ways it is expanding its services.

Following the recent announcement that PayPal’s president had left to fill the open CEO position at Yahoo, the online payment service provider revealed it has begun reaching into the offline market.

PayPal began its trial run of point-of-sale transactions at five Home Depot stores in December. It reportedly will soon run pilots at other retailers as well, but those partners have not yet been announced.

This is the first opportunity for consumers to make purchases through PayPal at brick-and-mortar stores, a concept the company first discussed in 2010. Those who are testing the point-of-sale technology can use a PayPal-issued credit card or their mobile phone number as a means of paying for purchases at the register.

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