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USPS Thinks Outside of the (Mail) Box

Package delivery kiosk system is starting its trial run.

During these changing and competitive times, industries must recreate the way they do business in order to remain fresh and stay in the game. The U.S. Postal Service is looking into ways it can do just that.

The USPS is soon to begin testing a kiosk system, known as gopost, intended to make package delivery more convenient for its customers. Northern Virginia will reportedly host seven gopost kiosks starting some time in the next month or two for the USPS to test the viability of the system.

The kiosks will be a locker system that allows customers to securely drop off and pick up packages by using a registered ID card, which they can obtain for free. Customers will receive notification when a package has arrived for them. They can then scan their ID card at the gopost monitor to locate the locker their package is in.

If Northern Virginia’s gopost audition is a success, USPS customers may eventually see goposts pop up in locations across the country. The goal is to offer postal services to customers in areas they frequent, according to news reports.

Currently, the test kiosks do not offer the ability to purchase postage or print shipping labels.

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