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Shoppers Ring Up Post-Christmas Sales

Mobile buyers make the day after Christmas a 'mega' shopping day.

Online shoppers may have spent more than $35 billion during the holiday season, but they weren’t done shopping when Christmas arrived.

In fact, online buyers bought 16.4 percent more on Christmas Day than they did on the same date in 2010. On Dec. 26, a day experts have begun calling “Mega Monday,” shoppers bought nearly 28 percent more compared to 2010, according to a survey by IBM Benchmark.

Mobile shoppers proved vital in the post-Christmas sales increase, accounting for 14.4 percent of sales—a 172.9-percent increase compared to last year, IBM Benchmark reports. The researcher notes that on Dec. 26, 11.3 percent of online purchases began on mobile devices—a 7-percent increase compared to 2010.

The report also notes that mobile buyers preferred tablets when shopping. In fact, consumers who used these devices accounted for 7 percent of traffic to online selling sites. iPhones were the second most popular mobile device, accounting for 6.4 percent of traffic to retail sites. Android devices accounted for 5 percent, IBM reports.

IBM notes that the increase in post-Christmas shopping may be related to an increase in the number of consumers who found gift cards tucked under their trees or in their stockings this year.

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