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Mobile Search Terms Reveal Buyer Motivations

Searches for 'Shopping,' 'Discount' balloon during busiest shopping days.

Shoppers weren’t just looking to buy during Thanksgiving weekend and on Cyber Monday, when online sales topped $1 billion—they were also looking to save.

In fact, the number of mobile searches buyers did for the term “shopping” increased more than 1,200 percent on Black Friday, while searches for “discounts” rose 3,000 percent, according to Chomp, a leading app search engine.

The terms’ popularity continued throughout the weekend and into Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving.

During Thanksgiving weekend, eBay Android apps also proved popular, Chomp notes.

This seems to support what eBay has reported about mobile usage among online shoppers. According to eBay, mobile traffic to the site on Cyber Monday increased more than two and a half times what it was on Cyber Monday 2010. And shoppers were not just shopping, they were buying. PayPal Mobile reported a 552-percent increase in mobile payment volume worldwide on Cyber Monday.

“A new retail is emerging where online and offline shopping have merged due in large part to mobile technology and its continued growth,” notes Steve Yankovich, vice president of eBay Mobile. “eBay Inc. is enabling this new commerce landscape by helping holiday customers shop anytime, anywhere and by being the partner of choice for retailers and sellers of all sizes.”

Overall, U.S. shoppers spent an estimated $1.03 billion over Thanksgiving weekend. On Cyber Monday, a traditionally busy shopping day, buyers spent $1.25 billion, according to researcher comScore.

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