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August 1, 2012 · No comments

ProPay Expands Service to All eBay Sellers

Payment option was previously only for PowerSellers.

eBay sellers now have access to another payment service that was previous reserved for PowerSellers. ProPay announced it is allowing all eBay sellers to have its integrated eAuction Account as of today. This will allow merchants to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards on eBay without opening a merchant account, and without buyers needing to create a ProPay account. Read More

July 31, 2012 · 22 Comments

eBay Survey Hints at Paid Search Model

Sellers asked if they would pay higher final value fees for improved search exposure.

As eBay continues to rework its search engine, it may be considering a move to tie sellers’ placement in eBay search to how much they are willing to pay in final value fees. eBay forum posters last week discussed what such a move would mean after some sellers received a survey in which eBay asked: “How would you feel if you could bid on your final value fees, which would improve your ranking in search results?” Another version of the survey asked: “How would you feel if you had an option to pay an approximate 25-percent fee premium to guarantee a ‘top 5 listing’ in search results?” “It sounds like eBay is considering turning search placement into a pay-per-click auction like Google AdWords,” says an eBay discussion board poster going by the name serious_coder. Read More

July 30, 2012 · No comments

UK Online Sales Grow 13% in 1st Half

Web-only merchants outpace multichannel sellers.

Online sales in the U.K. increased nearly 13 percent during the first half of 2012, and they’re expected to continue growing throughout the year. Brits spent $54.2 billion during the first six months of the year, a 12.6-percent increase compared to the $48.1 billion buyers spent during the first half of 2011, according to the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index. Read More

July 27, 2012 · No comments

Amazon Q2 Sales Up, Net Income Down

Fulfillment warehouse expansion strategy erases profits.

Amazon’s sales grew by double digits during this year’s second quarter, but high expenses brought the retailer’s net income significantly down, officials reported on Thursday. The retailer posted a net-sales increase of 29 percent, putting it at $12.83 billion during the second quarter. Read More

July 27, 2012 · 5 Comments

PayPal Tests New ‘Funds Availability’ Policy

Aims to educate new sellers about holds policy, allow faster access to their cash

PayPal is testing a new policy regarding the availability of funds that will “immediately impact new sellers” and should help them get their money faster. Katherine Hutchison, PayPal’s head of Risk Management for the Americas, notes on the PayPal Blog that the policy being tested—which includes a new identification process—was fueled by feedback from new sellers, who were frustrated with the current policy that puts a hold on the money buyers pay them until they develop a selling history. Read More

July 26, 2012 · No comments

Internet Giants Form Lobbying Group

Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google and others will aim to give Internet a voice.

Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Google are teaming up to make sure they and their customers are heard in Washington. The companies have formed The Internet Association, a lobbying group that will represent the interests of the U.S.’s top Internet companies and its users. Read More

July 26, 2012 · 2 Comments

eBay Looks to Young Buyers

Marketplace considers allowing minors to open limited accounts.

eBay may allow minors to set up limited accounts on the marketplace—and it may do so within a year. Devin Wenig, president of Global Marketplaces, tells The Wall Street Journal that eBay is considering the idea. The marketplace would allow shoppers under the age of 18 to buy vintage T-shirts, jewelry, school supplies and other items on, but it would require parental authorization for minors to create accounts. Read More

July 25, 2012 · No comments

Royal Mail to Paint Great Britain Gold

Olympic, Paralympic wins to be celebrated with golden mailboxes.

Royal Mail won’t paint its mailboxes their traditional red during the Olympic and the Paralympic Games. Instead, the mail carrier will celebrate every win Great Britain has in the two events by painting its mailboxes gold, Royal Mail announced on Tuesday. Read More

July 25, 2012 · 1 Comment

eBay UK Unveils Fall Seller Update

Changes expand duplicate listing policy, help with 'unreasonable buyers.' wasn’t the only eBay site to introduce changes this week. has also announced its Autumn 2012 Seller Update. Among the changes announced for eBay U.K., auctions with the Buy It Now option will now qualify as duplicate listings, sellers will have an easier way to report “unreasonable” buyers and the Featured First listing enhancement will be retired. Read More

July 25, 2012 · No comments

eBay Speaks Out Against Internet Sales Tax Bill

Official says Marketplace Equity Act needs greater protections for small sellers.

eBay reiterated its concerns about the Marketplace Equity Act—formerly known as the Marketplace Fairness Act—in response to a judiciary committee meeting on Tuesday that discussed the Internet sales tax bill. eBay says the bill, which would require online merchants in up to 9,600 tax jurisdictions to collect and pay sales tax, does not provide enough protections for small businesses. Read More

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