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December 7, 2011 · No comments

Mobile Search Terms Reveal Buyer Motivations

Searches for 'Shopping,' 'Discount' balloon during busiest shopping days.

Shoppers weren’t just looking to buy during Thanksgiving weekend and on Cyber Monday, when online sales topped $1 billion—they were also looking to save. In fact, the number of mobile searches buyers did for the term “shopping” increased more than 1,200 percent on Black Friday, while searches for “discounts” rose 3,000 percent, according to Chomp, a leading app search engine. Read More

August 2, 2011 · No comments

Mobile Shoppers Prefer Tablets

Larger screen, portability and features make the devices more engaging.

Though more people use cell phones and laptops to shop online, buyers prefer tablets for making purchases, according to a recent study. Forrester Research polled more than 20,000 online shoppers and found that, while tablet owners account for just 9 percent of online buyers, they have made 20 percent of all mobile purchases. Read More

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