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April 18, 2011 · No comments

Fulfillment Means Letting Go to Grow

Learn whether outsourced fulfillment is a good fit for your online sales operation.

Have you ever walked into your eBay room determined to get something done, only to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of boxes, packaging peanuts, tissue paper and inventory you have yet to prep and ship? If only your fairy godmother could magically appear, pack your items in bubble wrap and print the postage for you. Read More

March 31, 2011 · No comments

Selling on Facebook, Part 2

Dos and don'ts for staying in favor with 'friends' and fans, alike

If the feedback we received on our last article is any indication, there is significant interest among eBay and online sellers in using Facebook as a marketing channel—or even an alternative sales venue. But as eager as many merchants are to integrate the social networking site into their online businesses, there is one very real fear about doing so: annoying personal associates with business postings, and vice versa. Read More

March 22, 2011 · No comments

Selling on Facebook, Part 1

Approaches and apps you can call on for selling success

As e-commerce and social media become increasingly intertwined, many online sellers have begun using social networking site Facebook to market, and even sell their items. And why not? With 500 million active users—250 million of whom log into their Facebook accounts on any given day, according to the site—that’s a lot of potential buyer traffic to your online store or listings! Read More

February 21, 2011 · No comments

When East Meets West

Tips to make getting to know your Chinese supplier a little easier

The Internet is rapidly closing the distance between the East and the West, and making commerce between two cultures very simple. Just think: Without ever leaving your home, you can now find inventory thousands of miles away in Asia, order items in a matter of minutes and have that merchandise selling in your store or eBay listings in mere weeks! Read More

November 10, 2010 · No comments

Financing Options for Online Sellers

Non-traditional funding sources can help jump start your business.

Have you thought about expanding your online business, but wondered how you could manage to pay for it? Or has the uncertain economy affected your operation to the point that you’ve considered scaling back or shutting it down, all together? You could max out your credit cards, borrow money from friends and family, or apply for a bank loan. Read More

August 2, 2010 · No comments

Get Your Items Found, Part 2

Piece together the product search puzzle using SEO tips from eBay's Search guru.

In Get Your Items Found, Part 1, we told you how you could increase your products’ visibility by plugging them into the two leading shopping engines. Now it’s time to learn some SEO tips you can use to push your site and your products to the top of search results. Read More

July 19, 2010 · No comments

Get Your Items Found, Part 1

Put your products on the radar of the two most popular search engines.

When you have your own online store, you’re competing with thousands of other merchants to woo buyers into purchasing products from you. Having good, quality items at competitive prices is just part of the “selling” equation. You also need to provide a great buyer experience. Read More

June 1, 2010 · No comments

Project: Online Store Design

Design pros share the dos and don'ts of creating a welcoming Web site.

We all know design is an important part of a Web site. It demonstrates your professionalism and your dedication to your business—and, for visitors, it can mean the difference between a comprehensive tour of your Web site or a quick exit. Read More

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