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January 11, 2013 · No comments

Build Your Own Online Store, Part 2

Choose your shopping cart software.

If you’re ready to kick the eBay habit and carry your business to the next level, you will need a shopping cart for storefront and administration purposes now that you have your niche in place, and want to build your own online store. Read More

January 7, 2013 · No comments

Build Your Own Online Store, Part 1

Start by finding your niche.

With the start of the new year, you may find yourself wanting to venture off eBay. You may want more independence, an added venue on which to sell or you may think you’re spending too much on fees. You could list on another marketplace, or you could build your own online store. Read More

December 18, 2012 · No comments

2012 Filled with Home Business Success, Challenges

Readers reflect back on their accomplishments, and bumps along the road.

With the year coming to a close, now is the perfect time to look back, see what worked and what didn’t, and plan ahead for home business success in 2013. You might make adjustments or stay on the steady course that brought you a cheerful 2012. Read More

December 4, 2012 · 3 Comments

eBay Textbook Copyright Case May Impact Online Sellers

U.S. copyright's first sale doctrine questioned for imported goods.

A copyright case that’s before the U.S. Supreme Court could have a big impact on online sellers and several others who import items made abroad. Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons involves an eBay seller, Supap Kirtsaeng, who sold authentic textbooks on eBay to help pay for his graduate-school tuition at the University of Southern California. Read More

November 26, 2012 · 1 Comment

Content Marketing for Online Sellers

Use free Web resources to publish content and attract your target market.

You’ve listed your items online and told all your friends about your shop. You’ve set up a Facebook page for your business, and post regular tweets about your sales. Perhaps you’ve even gone so far as to purchase banner ads, but your revenue is still not where you want it. Read More

November 8, 2012 · 1 Comment

Dealing with eBay Returns Starts with Planning

eBay experts discuss strategies for handling returns.

For some online sellers, accepting eBay returns works. For others, it just doesn’t. They may find the cost is too great, or that items aren’t returned in the same condition as when they were shipped. If our recent article on eBay returns is any indication, it seems safe to say that returns are controversial in the online selling world. Read More

November 7, 2012 · No comments

Plan to Hire an Assistant? Know the Employment Laws

Experts discuss the legal considerations of becoming an employer.

You may find that when your online business reaches a certain size, you can’t handle all the aspects of your operation—shipping, creating listings, packing, sourcing, etc.—on your own. You need help, so you decide to hire an assistant. You get the word out that you’re looking for help, you meet with applicants and you hire the right person. Read More

October 29, 2012 · 8 Comments

Online Auction Sites for Live Bidding

A sampling of live auction sites provides sellers with eBay alternatives.

It’s been almost four years since eBay shut down its live auction service that incorporated real auction houses with online bidding. The marketplace wanted to focus on creating a retail-like experience. Live auctions didn’t fit within that vision. Since eBay retired the gavel in late 2008, auction houses and online auction sites have been left to evolve virtual live bidding for themselves. Read More

October 16, 2012 · 4 Comments

Which Online Postage Service is For You?

Considerations for which approach works best for your online business needs

One of the greatest benefits to selling online is the autonomy it affords us. You choose your hours, your costs and your workload. There are also many benefits to buying your postage from an online postage service, one of which is the fact that you save time and gas money by not driving to the post office and waiting in line. Read More

October 9, 2012 · 2 Comments

Google is No Longer Free! Now What?

Proven techniques online sellers can use to drive traffic

Google Product Search drove a lot of traffic to online sellers—traffic that was free, as merchants didn’t have to pay to submit their product feeds. That’s all changing now that Google is retiring Google Product Search and replacing it with a paid model called Google Shopping. Read More

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