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January 7, 2013 · No comments

Build Your Own Online Store, Part 1

Start by finding your niche.

With the start of the new year, you may find yourself wanting to venture off eBay. You may want more independence, an added venue on which to sell or you may think you’re spending too much on fees. You could list on another marketplace, or you could build your own online store. Read More

December 11, 2012 · No comments

Marketplace Focus: Tradesy

A simpler eBay alternative to sell your vintage and designer clothing

While eBay may be one of the top go-to sites for online commerce, many sellers are getting fed up with increasing fees and competition, spurring them to seek alternative platforms on which to sell. One of the newest online marketplaces to offer an eBay alternative is Tradesy, a clothing hub tailored for women. Read More

July 19, 2010 · No comments

Get Your Items Found, Part 1

Put your products on the radar of the two most popular search engines.

When you have your own online store, you’re competing with thousands of other merchants to woo buyers into purchasing products from you. Having good, quality items at competitive prices is just part of the “selling” equation. You also need to provide a great buyer experience. Read More

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