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Childhood Idea Grows into Online Plant Store

In some parts of the world, the mimosa pudica plant is a commonly found plant. Here in the United States, the sensitive plant is a curiosity for kids because its leaves quickly close when touched. Larry Chipkin...
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How to Get the Perfect Product Photo

As trite as it might sound, a good picture is still worth a thousand words—or even $1,000. The better your product photos, the better your chance to convince a buyer to make a purchase today. You...
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Online Auction Sites Other than eBay

As eBay continues to increase its fees and other marketplaces like shut down, sellers are scrambling to find the next best option. A few months ago, we looked at a few eBay alternatives that incorporate real-time...
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Local Meetup eBay Groups: Why Start One?

Editor's note: This article is the first of a three-part series that discusses meetup groups for eBay sellers and their benefits. Being in the full swing of the holiday season, we expect you're enjoying your busiest time...
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